Each year, Pirita harbour has been visited by vessels that sail under 20 different flags. Pirita harbour has all necessary washing facilities (saunas, showers), water and electricity supply, also garbage dumps, places for bilge water utilization, and filling stations for launches. On the spot it is possible to provide minor maintenance and repair services, hoisting of vessels during the navigation season. The stores located at the harbour sell spare parts for yachts, launches and boats, clothes for seafarers and other marine equipment.Renovation of the harbour is supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS).

  • Location: 59° 28,2′ N 24° 49,2′ E
  • Area: 52 286 m²
  • Water area: 128 014 m²
  • Draft: 2,8 m
  • Length of quays: 1818 m
  • Quay spots: total 298; 253 for local vessels, 45 for guest vessels

The port of Pirita is the 12th border crossing point of Tallinn. https://www2.politsei.ee/et/nouanded/piiriuletusinfo/teave-laevaagentidele-ja-sadamakaptenitele.dot

From 2012, Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre has become the member of the non-profit organization – the Estonian Marina Development Centre (MTÜ Eesti Väikesadamate Arenduskeskus) http://www.evak.ee/liikmete-nimekiri.html

Harbour captain Toomas Tutk
+372 50 82 837

Dispatcher (24h)
+372 639 8801